Contributing to the Public Domain

All ecodb acedemic and commercial licenses have the option of selectively publishing their valuable data sets to the Public Domain supported by ecodb.

Licensees can simply access their data sets and check, or un-check, whether to publish or not. Their data set then becomes immediately available, or is removed, from public access.

There are a few recommendations to ensure ease of communication:

  • Please use ecodb defined parameters whenever possible, rather than user-defined parameters, so that the description of the parameters can be conveyed easily.
  • Similarly use ecodb defined units of measurement, rather than user-defined measurement units.
  • Create environmental projects associated with your one or more data sets, and provide background project information potentially including where appropriate the contact information and social media links of the project and participants.
  • Ensure that the quality assurance code for each data set is accurate.
  • Update any third party quality assurance accreditation documentation linked to the data set (new function coming soon). This will further assist the public in obtaining confidence in the authenticity and accuracy of your published data sets.

We thank ecodb licensees for their particpation in providing copies of their data sets for the public good.