ecodb: features of next release

Our next release of ecodb has a number of interesting features which target special interest groups, and our new concept to facilitate eco-entrepreneurs

New features will be:

  1. For entrepreneurs, we create a market for both the free exchange and advertisement of data for sale, and provide a secure environment for the exchange of 'paid-for' datasets and a clearing-house for the resulting financial transaction including any arbitration.
  2. Introduce the ability to provide third party certification of your data sets.
  3. Provide a listing of projects requested to be undertaken, either sponsored (i.e. funded) or in the 'public good'.
  4. Ability to become the corporate sponsor for the acquistion of data-sets that help achieve your organization's mission. This can vary from specific watersheds, through to sophisticated social causes. All data sets that are sponsored have the sponsoring organization achnowledged via embedded data associated with the data set.
  5. Sophisticated e-mail alerts when data-sets of specific interest are made available by other licensees.
  6. Additional time series functions to forecast emmission levels to determine potential non-compliance scenarios.
  7. Additional functions for combining seperate data sets to create data sets of higher value.
  8. Rapid transfer function to exchange data between ecodb license holders.
  9. Reports
    • Deleted data report;
    • List all data sets with their quality codes;