Phase 1 data take-up
September 2020

Partnership opportunities

We will be segmenting the environmental marketplace and seeking partners to be responsible for special projects, vertical markets, and geographic areas. This will not be a franchise; but will be a partnership where we will share in the effort, cost and risk of undertaking business with our selected partners. Specific opportunities will be announced over the coming months.

If you wish to communicate intent to open up discussions, you may initially contact us via our web form. We will be providing guidelines shortly, however we recognize that there are diverse strategies to leverage the ecodb facility, and we are receptive to fresh ideas.

Marketing, social media partners, and entrepreneurial early-adopters wanted.

To demonstrate our openness to all concepts and arrangements, we offer the following hypothetical example partners:

  1. Nancy, has been involved in environmental emissions compliance and enforcement for more than a decade. She has seen first-hand the poor state of record keeping of the companies that she has to inspect. Nancy would like to establish a part-time business that has the potential to augment her eventual retirement income by introducing ecodb licenses as a standards based, secure, centralized and low cost service to retain emissions data that can assist in compliance for the numerous emissions permittees that she has met over the years.

  2. Jim has a Canadian instruments business primarily providing equipment for industrial emissions monitoring, but also for citizen scientists. Business has become increasingly competitive, particularly from manufactures in low cost countries. Jim is interested in expanding his market by offering his product range to ecodb license holders, possibly bundled and with a discount, and shipping his products world-wide. Jim feels that this ‘value-add’ will differentiate his product and demonstrate his commitment to long-term relationships and generate recurring sales.

  3. Bianca has recently graduated from the University of California after completing a double major in environmental studies and anthropology. On reviewing job options she has recognized that this is a tough job market for graduates in pursuing the career that they desire. She gathered together other graduates who have similar education and job prospects and they brainstormed how they could establish their own internship within ecodb and potentially develop an entrepreneurial business partnership by leveraging the ecodb facility. Of the many business concepts that they came up with they generated a short list of viable ideas that they intend to pursue utilizing ecodb.
  4. One of the many ideas was to become a value added reseller of environmental data, drawing on their past courses to gather data from around the world, enter it into ecodb and offering a mixture of free and ‘for-sale’ data sets to determine whether they could generate a revenue stream (and hopefully put a dent in their student loans). This valuable experience, at minimal cost and risk to themselves, would be added to their resume as an example of entrepreneurship and self-motivation.

    Other ideas, from those who wanted to travel post-graduation, were to request sponsorships from organizations that would assist in their travel expenses to go and collect data sets first-hand which they could then publish within the ecodb Public Domain, indirectly acknowledging the sponsor while adding to the public good.

  5. Paul has had a satisfying and long career as an environmental scientist, specializing in groundwater studies for the mining industry. Consequently he has a wealth of knowledge, a bookcase full of environmental studies that he has participated in, and a wide range of professional contacts within the industry. Paul is also a mentor for professionals who are close to, or have recently commenced retirement, and who are re-evaluating their life goals.
  6. Paul is interested in becoming a partner with ecodb to help shape its services and target the mining industry specifically; and to be responsible for the social marketing to that market sector. Having worked in many countries as an environmental scientist, he feels that he has a great deal to offer the industry; however is less inclined to travel as much as he has done in the past, and seeks significant flexibility in his working week and wishes to balance his time with outdoor pursuits.

    Further, Paul sees an opportunity by partnering with ecodb to generate a long-term recurring revenue stream that will augment his evolved life-style; possibly allowing him to bring in other like-minded souls to fill-in for him when he is actively pursuing his other life goals.

  7. Desmond has had over thirty years owning and operating a 24-hour delicatessen in Australia. Over that period, he has rarely had a vacation, and now wants a complete change of life. Some may call this too drastic a change; however he has purchased a sail boat that is located in Florida, and as soon as he has sold his business and his house he intends to move aboard and sail the east coast of the USA, winter in the Caribbean, and after a few more years sail across the Pacific back to Australia.
  8. While researching a sail boat based lifestyle, he was struck by an article concerning the growing levels of pollution in both remote oceans and the Caribbean where there is a dearth of data. Desmond feels that he can utilize his spare time while sailing to contribute to the Public Domain of knowledge concerning the marine environment, and intends to undertake further research to identify useful data sets that he can contribute to and publish within ecodb. You could say that this is a legacy that he wishes to leave the World.

  9. Sunny is an award winning, world renowned publisher and editor of news stories concerning environmental matters. The last couple of decades have seen drastic changes in the publishing world; however the demand for environmental news is as strong as ever. Not wanting to become complacent, and being sympathetic to the high unemployment among recent graduates; Sunny has decided to offer sponsorships to ecodb licenses so that students may experience environmental issues first hand, and gain empathy with environmental issues, while they create a tangible asset of publishing their data to the ecodb Public Domain. And if the occasional news story comes from this, then even better.

  10. Susie has had an eclectic life, and has always been ‘outdoors’ oriented. Married to an ‘oil man’, she has lived in Texas, Alaska and now back in Australia, her home country. Her children are now teenagers, and she wants to share her passion of the outdoors by persuading them to become immersed in an environmental project. Like many teenagers, they are easily distracted, however Susie felt that ecodb provided the vehicle that would create tangible results for their efforts in monitoring an environmental issue while getting the children out into the field. Susie selected a local urban stream that was being degraded by urban discharge, and helped establish a project in conjunction with a local teacher friend to have students undertake basic stream flow monitoring and set-up special purpose Facebook accounts to report on the issues, upload project photographs, and gather local awareness. The environmental data will be published within ecodb, linked to from their Facebook project account. Susie’s children will shortly be able to claim that they are now ‘published authors’!

  11. Carol is a remarkable person who has always had a fascination with China, and with environmental issues. At college she studied Mandarin, and became fluent, and travelled to China. Later she was successful in obtaining a clerical position with her Embassy in Beijing. However the poor air quality in Beijing, and the degradation of regional rivers was of concern to her.
  12. Carol now has two young adult children, and although not living in China they also are fluent in Mandarin. She is encouraging them to reach out to like-minded people in China who are concerned about their environment and who are willing to use social media and ecodb in particular as a platform to publish local data on environmental trends and issues. This meets Carol’s twin goals of continuing to have her children engaged with the Mandarin speaking culture, while also raising awareness of environmental health issues in the China community that she is so fond of.

  13. Gillian is a business mogul in the mining industry. A rarity for a woman to rise to the top of her field in what is very much a man’s industry. Her company has worldwide mining operations, and she is attracted to the potential that ecodb provides of having a cloud-based and standards driven mechanism to store environmental and mine productivity data that she can personally access at any time. Always mindful of the bottom line, and a return on investment, this decision was an easy one.
  14. Gillian’s company is a global uranium miner. To raise awareness of the positive side of her industry Gillian has decided to fund a number of sponsorships with ecodb whereby the impact of carbon based emissions on global warming are studied, with the results of course published to the ecodb supported Public Domain. Another easy decision!