aquire ecodb license

Data take-up commencing September 2020, and our ‘soft launch’ in late 2020.

During our data take-up period our evaluation licenses will be available only, unless a specif license has been assigned. After that date, evaluation licenses will be for two week terms only. After an evaluation license expires, it can be converted immediately into another license else will have its data deleted.

This soft launch period allows us to verify our procedures, undertake data take-up and obtain feedback. We would be grateful for any feedback on the range of functions within ecodb, and for your recommendations for implementing new and enhanced functions, as well are your requests for establishing data take-up priorities for parameters, units of mesurement, and standard calibration relationships.

We are pleased to also list early adopter sponsorships for requested projects, and we seek additional sponsor inquiries.

We also welcome ideas for innovative projects that can enrich the diversity of data sets that can be provided to the ecodb supported Public Domain, and that we can promote.

Please communicate with us initially via the contact-us form. Thank you for your support.

Sign-up for the interim evaluation license.