How to sponsor

Thank you for your interest. Please register your interest with ecodb via the contact-us form, and someone will contact you to explore the sponsorship further.

Examples of sponsorship:

  • Consider sponsoring one or more ecodb license types, e.g. educational licenses.
  • Support a cause through a call to action, e.g. endangered species habitat in Borneo, or clean-up of a river, or through emissions monitoring of an industrial area, or impact of global warming on a community etc.
  • Generate interest in corporate social responsibility (CSR) through sponsoring the publishing of data concerning an agricultural or industrial activity, e.g. groundwater levels in the mid-west of USA, or trends in fuel efficiency of a corporate fleet of trucks.
  • Request the gathering of data that may already exists, but which is not easily available to the broader community.
  • Sponsorship could potentially include ancillary equipment, travel reimbursement, educational grants etc.

Benefits of sponsorship:

  • Identify yourself as a having corporate social responsibility either by publishing data on your own organization’s activities or through sponsoring others to undertake identifying an issue through gathering and publishing data, recognizing your organization as the sponsor.
  • Obtain global recognition through acknowledgement in the ecodb Public Domain.
  • Obtain a discount for the bulk purchase of ecodb licenses, which will leverage your sponsorship.

Your terms and conditions:

  • We recommend that you request that some data sets be published in the ecodb supported Public Domain for the public good.
  • Identify the number, term and type of ecodb licenses that are to be sponsored, as well as the budget to any stipend.