ecodb: features

The objective of our launch version of ecodb is to provide cost effective data storage, standards based data manipulation, listing and sharing of environmental data for any geographic area, watershed, environmental project or industrial plant.

Initial features include:

  1. Ecodb License Establishment.
    • Identify Users, their roles and permission levels;
  2. Establishment of environmental projects and permits.
    • Identify data collection units
    • Select permitted discharges
    • Rapid large scale site monitoring establishment for managing numerous monitoring groups.
  3. Code Selection.
    • Select from industry standard lists the various parameters to monitor
    • Code table maintenance
  4. Establish Calibration Relationships.
    • Verify calibration relationships of instruments
    • Select from industry standard calibration relationships;
    • Establish relationships between datasets.
  5. Data Entry and Data Maintenance.
    • Set-up efficient data entry procedures and security
    • Undertake data review and integrity inspection;
    • Establish data quality code
    • Tag data sets with commentary
    • Join two or more data sets;
    • Modify data sets;
  6. Generate additional datasets and forecasts.
    • Apply mathematical functions to derive enhanced data sets;
    • Mathematically recombine datasets to generate new datasets;
    • Forecast emmission levels to determine potential non-compliance scenarios;
  7. Data import and export
    • Extract sections of data sets, to create new datasets
    • Export data sets to an Excel, Word, or PDF on your desktop
    • Upload spreadsheet files to the ecodb server, integrity verification, and import
  8. Other functions
    • Publish selected data sets to the ecodb supported commons;
    • Support a Public Domain for the sophisticated search and download of data sets;
    • Provide a mechanism to peer review data sets; (next release)

The ecodb supported 'Public Domain' is free to the public who can search, review and download data sets that have been provided by ecodb, together with contributions from ecodb community license holders.

Enabling Technology

‘ecodb’ is cloud based, taking the Software as a Service (SaaS) approach. Consequently access to this service requires only a browser with Internet access. There are no hidden costs, and Users are able to establish their accounts quickly enabling them to become productive immediately. Additional Users sub-accounts can be added or removed at any time.